News Item Published: 09/09/2002

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Data Downloading From AlphaTek Test Instruments


After nearly a years work we have enabled FormFill for windows to accept data from a range of AlphaTek test instruments.

FormFill (version 3.3 or later) will now download data from AlphaTek instruments and import the data directly in to the forms.

The Data Download Key, is a small adapter that fits onto the back of your computer as a method of copy protection. The DDK plugs straight into your printer port (LTP1) or USB, port and can be used in series with other company's software protection keys and your printer

Provided that your computer has the correct data download key (DDK) attached to the printer port, FormFill for windows (version 3.3 or later) will download data from the following AlphaTek Test instruments:

  • Eurotest EN61557 - 18-1 Installation Tester
  • Installtest EN61557 - 14 in 1 Installation Tester
  • Smartec M12120 - RCD/LINE/LOOP Tester
  • Smartec M12121 - RCD Tester
  • Smartec M12122 - Z LOOP/Line Tester
  • Smartec M12123 - Insulation/Continuity Tester

The Eurotest Installation Tester as a unique feature, not only can you download test data from the instrument but you can also pre-load circuit structures and designated tests for the entire installation.

Eurotest 61557

Data Download Keys (DDKs) are available from Castline Systems, please call (01293) 871751 for further information.

Data saved using any of the software supplied with the AlphaTek range of instruments may also be imported into FormFill.

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