News Item Published: 14/10/2004

NICEIC Withdraw endorsement from ALL software packages

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Since about 1995, the NICEIC has endorsed certain certification software products that have been deemed to meet its error trapping specifications. These specifications, which have been updated from time to time, are intended to aid the proper compilation of NICEIC forms of certification and reporting.

Products that have been endorsed have remained so endorsed until a new version of the software has been issued, or an amendment to BS 7671 has changed the requirements of certification or reporting, or affected the error trapping specifications.

Subsequent developments in the electrical installation industry, particularly the introduction of Part P of the Building Regulations, have prompted a review of NICEIC policy relating to the endorsement of proprietary certification software.

As a result of the review, it has been decided that the NICEIC will no longer endorse any new versions of software products. It has also been decided that software suppliers should no longer use the 'NICEIC endorsed software' logo on any products sold after 31 December 2004. The NICEIC has advised all providers of endorsed software products of these decisions.

The withdrawal of NICEIC endorsement does not prevent software suppliers continuing to include the previously-endorsed error checking routines in their software, or indeed enhancing those routines independently. Users of existing products that have NICEIC endorsement should not be affected by this change of policy - they can continue to use the products in the knowledge that the error checking routines met NICEIC requirements.

The main reasons for ceasing the endorsement arrangements are that the NICEIC can no longer provide the technical resources to maintain the necessary control over the endorsement arrangements, and because the Council is considering developing an on-line certification, reporting and archiving facility itself. However, there are no firm plans to provide such an online facility yet.

The computer-friendly versions of NICEIC certificates and report forms will continue to be available but, in due course, the endorsement box on the front of the forms, and the related explanatory notes for recipients on the reverse, will be amended or removed as appropriate.

- Summer 2004 NICEIC connections magazine

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