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CableCalc BS7671 - Level 2

CableCalc BS7671 - Level 2 will allow you to design complete electrical installation single-phase or three-phase projects, each with up to five distribution boards

Features of Level 2 include:

  • Project design up to 5 DB's including the supply
  • Sub Main calculations
  • Domestic and Street Lighting circuit calculations
  • DOL Motor circuits
  • Star Delta Motor circuits
  • Circuit details and Design schedules

Discrimination checks may be performed which will highlight any anomalies instantly.

The lighting calculation facility is especially useful for calculations involving cables ‘daisy chained’ or looped together, as in street lighting installations or sub main distribution.

Printing and Creating Adobe PDF Files

For the contractor or engineer who requires detailed calculation results and schedules which can be printed or exported as Adobe PDF files for electronic distribution.  This version supports up to five distribution boards and includes all the features found in Level 1.

Create detailed design schedules that may be in the Adobe PDF format (Portable Document Format) which can be easily Saved to disk, Printed on to paper or emailed straight to your clients.

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CableCalc BS7671 -  Level 2 - £295.00

CableCalc is currently available for Windows PC's and MacOSX 10.7 (Lion) and later.