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CableCalc BS7671 - Level P

Twin and Earth Cable

Domestic Ring & Radial calculations in PVC Twin and Earth - for Free

CableCalc Level P will be updated for Amendment 3 later in the year.

CableCalc Level P is a new program which allows you to carry out single phase twin & earth calculations at no cost. It will calculate single phase Ring & Radial circuits and includes a range of BS standard protective devices including MCB's, RCD's, RCBO's, Cartridge & Rewireable fuses. As with our level P FormFill software, we are also offering free technical support via email only. CableCalc level P is a fully working, unlimited use version and provides far more than just simple volt drop calculations.

CableCalc Level P includes disconnection time curves, correction factors for grouping and temperature and is divided into 5 sections.

  • Supply Details - Source information, circuit type, load and distance
  • Cable Selection - Cable type, size and installation method
  • Correction Factors - Grouping factors, temperature correction, thermal insulation and any cable tray or ladder configuration
  • Protective Device - Type and rating of the device protecting the circuit
  • CPC - Details of any cable sheath or armouring, internal cores and any separate cables or conduit/trunking

Click image for a sample printout

Cablecalc level P will produce a detailed printout of the circuit containing all the values used in the calculation including:

  • Tabulated and calculated cable ratings
  • Tabulated and temperature corrected voltdrop
  • Minimum CPC size required by the adiabatic equation
  • CPC R2 value
  • Disconnection time
  • Circuit Zs
  • Fault current

Protective device selection


Disconnection time curve

Calculation checks. Click to enlarge

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CableCalc level P is available for Windows only, it will not run on Mac OSX.