FormFill Level 3

FormFill Level 3 includes all the features of level 2 as well as including the full range of emergency lighting and fire alarm certificates, and the ability to download data from supported test instruments.

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Test Instrument Support (Windows only)

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Smartec Inspection and testing is becoming a major part of the electrical contractors workload and anything to make this job easier is very welcome. Ever since the onset of computer form filling we have continually been asked "when can I out on site and save my test data in a downloading instrument and return to the office and transfer the data directly onto a schedule?" Well now you can.

Level 3 includes Data Downloading which will allow you to download test data from your test instrument straight in to FormFill Level 3.  Level 3 will accept data from a range of test instruments including Fluke, Megger and Alphatek.

For more information about test instrument support in FormFill Level 3, please see the Data Downloading page.

BS Standard certificates printed by FormFill Level 3:

  • Electrical Installation Condition Report
  • Electrical Installation Certificate
  • Minor Electrical Installation Works Certificate
  • Domestic Electrical Installation Certificate
  • Domestic and Similar (Upto 100A Supply) Electrical Installation Condition Report
  • Domestic Fire Alarm Certificate
  • Continuation Schedules for applicable certificates
  • Emergency Lighting Inspection Certificate
  • Emergency Lighting Completion Certificate
  • Fire Alarm Inspection & Servicing Report
  • Fire Alarm Installation Certificate
  • Fire Alarm Design Certificate
  • Fire Alarm Modification Certificate
  • Fire Alarm Verification Certificate
  • Fire Alarm Acceptance Certificate
  • Fire Alarm Commissioning Certificate

Buy FormFill Level 3 Online Now

FormFill Level 3 for Windows - 299.00

FormFill Level 3 for Mac OSX - 299.00

FormFill is compatible with Mac OSX 10.7 (Lion) and later. The Apple Mac OSX version of FormFill Level 3 does not download from test instruments or import projects from CableCalc.

Both the Windows and the Mac OSX Download are available regardless of which version you purchase.

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