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When i print a certificate all i get is a blank page or a message from Adobe Reader saying that the file cannot be found.
This usually happens on 64-bit versions of windows which require a seperate driver. Press F1 with the program open to view the manual and instructions for installing the drivers are on page 76.

FormFill doesn't seem to print in the right place on my NICEIC electrical installation certificate (ICR2) or periodic inspection schedules (IPR2). There aren't enough lines on the sheet.
When the 17th Edition came into force in 2008, the NICEIC updated their certification to follow but reduced the number of lines for circuits on the schedules to 22. Late 2009 they then redesigned the certificates to return to the 24 line schedules so there are still 2 sets of certificates in circulation. The only way to tell the difference is to count the number of lines on the schedules sheet. The 22 line schedules are only compatible with FormFill version 8 and the newer 24 line schedules are only compatible with FormFill version 9. Both versions are supplied on the CD.

When printing onto NICEIC certificates i can't seem to get the text to line up with the boxes no matter how i adjust the alignment. The top boxes will line up but are out by the bottom.
This happens if the page scaling option when printing from Adobe Reader is set to 'Fit to Page' or 'Shrink to Printable Area'. It's very important that you set this option to 'None' for the certificates to print correctly.

The program comes up with a box saying that it needs permission when trying to install.
This is a standard Windows security message, you need to click allow in all cases for the program to install successfully.

How do I change the colours on the custom certificate printouts?
Simply select 'Customise' and then 'colours' from the menu at the top off the screen, and select the colours you want from the windows palette.

I have my own logo already as a picture, how do I add it onto the custom printed forms?
Simply save your logo with the filename 'logo' as a PNG image (.png) in the 'C:\Castline\FormFill_17th_Edition' directory.